It Won’t Happen to Me…Or Will It?

Most of us lead fairly safe lives. We don’t take a lot of unnecessary risks. We wear our seatbelts (at least in high traffic areas and on the freeway). We wear sunscreen (at least we do if it’s a hot, sunny day and we’re going to be at the pool for several hours). We don’t text and drive(unless it’s just a quick glance to see who that text was from). We wouldn’t dream of drinking and driving (unless our designated driver flaked out on us, and we’d only had a little bit to drink).

Well, you get the idea. We lead safe lives. We don’t take risks. Most of us aren’t out there doing cordless bungee jumping or playing with rattlesnakes. But how safe are we really? I’ll admit it. I’ll glance at a text when I’m driving to see who it’s from, and if it’s short, I might quickly read it. I’m not worried about getting into an accident because I’m a good driver, and it’sjust a quick glance, and the road is straight, and no one else is around me.

I’m operating under the notion that it won’t happen to me. I won’t get in an accident because accidents happen to other people…except sometimes, we are the other people. That’s why they are called accidents.


The world is an uncertain place. We are constantly hearing about bad things happening. Some of these things are the result of natural disasters. Sometimes it’s because of our own stupidity like texting when we should be paying attention to the road. And sometimes, it’s the result of what other people do.

When it comes right down to it, we can only control ourselves, so we need to do everything we can to protect ourselves from the uncertainties of the world. My son is an excellent driver. He tells me this all the time. He’s a teenager, so he knows he’s good. 😊� I’ve pointed out to him that even though he is a good driver, I’m not so sure about the other people onthe road. That’s why I want him to wear a seatbelt. He can’t control the ice on the road, the driver who veers into his lane, or a tire that suddenly blows out. To increase his chances of beingsafe, I ask him to always wear his seatbelt.

What Else Can We Do?

The most important thing we can do to be safe is to plan ahead. We need to take the Boy Scout Motto to heart and Be Prepared. This is where ClearSecure can help. We can’t control what other people or Mother Nature might throw at us, but we can help prepare for the future.

Our Window Film can be installed on existing windows making them Significanly stronger, even when the glass is broken. We buy car seats for our infants. We put bike helmets on our children. We insist on seatbelts and no cell phone use for our teenagers. Why not take their safety one step further? It makes sense to have ClearSecure’s Window Film installed on the windows of our homes, businesses, and schools so that we can protect our loved ones. Wecan’t control everything in this world, but we can increase safety. What are we waiting for?

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