I Saw What You Did!

When we moved into our home many years ago, we didn’t have blinds on the windows yet. Our second night in the house, our kids wanted to watch a movie. We popped The Aristocatsinto the DVD player and made some popcorn. We watched the movie and went to bed.

The next morning, I ran into our neighbor across the street. “I love The Aristocats,” she gushed. “I never get tired of watching that movie. I just wish you’d had the sound up more.

”“What?” I asked her. Her statement made me uncomfortable and disoriented.

“The Aristocats,” she repeated. “You guys watched it last night on your big screen TV. We were sitting on our front porch, so we watched it through your big windows. It was great, except we couldn’t hear the dialog.”

I don’t remember how I replied. I just remember feeling very violated. I went back inside my house and informed my husband that we needed blinds or curtains or something on the front windows. A few days later, the blinds we had ordered arrived, so the problem was mostly solved.

What Do You Mean…Mostly?

Blinds are a pain. If you open them, you have to close them when nighttime comes. If you don’t close them, people can see inside. If you have children, the blinds are going to get broken. Kids break things. If you have small children, you have to worry about strangulation hazards from the cords. Plus, have you ever tried to clean blinds? Not fun.

Curtains aren’t much better. You still have the strangulation hazard. Cleaning is still difficult. Plus, if your kids like to hide behind the curtains…well, it doesn’t take long before the curtains hang at strange angles.

The worst part is, people can still peek into my house, even with blinds. There are small gaps where people can look if they really want to. In my case, some of those gaps are quite large.Did I mention that kids break things? It’s a possibility that I have a few holes in my blinds whereeither the kids or the dog have broken slats in them. (The kids blame the dog. The dog blames the kids. I just know that I didn’t do it. 😊�)

What’s the Solution?

ClearSecure has a Window Film that will provide instant privacy. You can watch The Aristocats or have a dance party in the front room, and nobody outside will ever know.

Today’s world can be scary. We don’t want people spying on our family, watching our children, noticing what movies we are watching or what we’re having for dinner. We don’t want them to look into our homes and see the intimate details of our lives.

ClearSecure provides the security we seek. By installing our Window Film, you are also instilling peace of mind. Not only does our Window Film provide privacy, it also upgrades the safety of the glass in our homes, protecting us from both intruders and extreme weather conditions. Isn’t it time we took the extra step needed to keep our loved ones safe? Check out some avaliable options.

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