Protect employees and assets.


Multiple businesses have opted to install window film on their windows. Some of these facilities have had attempted break-ins. In each case, ClearSecure prevented the burglars from entering through the windows, despite multiple attempts. 

(See footage of Glass Armor preventing one of these attempted break-ins here.) Take action now to protect your business from future break-ins. 

In addition to burglar protection, window film also protects against possible glass related injuries during a disaster. Glass shattering during extreme weather conditions, and other disasters will be eliminated. 

We provide multiple levels of protection. (what is your risk level?)

Window film also blocks up to 98% of UV rays. This increases energy efficiency, minimizes furniture fading, and helps protect against skin cancer.

Our team of professionals will make installation quick and simple with minimal disruption to your facility. 



Protect and secure your assets. Loss of computers, ledgers, phones and other intellectual data can have negative effects on your business.

Most people are well aware that cameras will not impede entry and alarm systems are simply too slow to action. If you are serious about security, protect the main areas intruders choose. Glass is the number one area an intruder will choose. Its easy to break, fragile and tempered glass can be broken quietly with a nail-set.

Average response time is 20 minutes. Can you afford to wait?

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