Industrial security and safety

Security window film is the industry leader in mitigating broken glass hazards, accidents, forced entry, extreme weather conditions, seismic activity, industrial and bomb blast events. (7 mil thick films or greater)

Many areas in your facility probably have controlled access. Choose an active security and safety plan that fits your specific needs.

We have the solution your facility needs.

  • Window film

  • Riot Glass

  • Ballistic Laminates

Industrial Accidents

Industrial explosions continue to be a hazardous threat to people in the work place despite the implementation and use of modern safety techniques, equipment, and training in many facilities around the world. Flying glass is the number one cause of injury when a bomb blast occurs outside a dwelling. People located within striking distance inside or outside of a building or home are unprotected when a bomb blast occurs. The magnitude of the force can blow the windows out of their frame and propel shattered pieces of broken shards at deadly speeds of over 100 mph cutting through anything in their path. Many senseless injuries and deaths can be prevented when security level window film is professionally installed.

Bomb Blast - (yes you read that correctly)

Acheives a “Very Low Hazard” rating in both GSA and ISO 16933 bomb blast tests when installed with a proven retention system appropriate for the specific glazing system.

GSA TS01-2003 / ASTM F1642

Testing performed by Advantica LTD.