Unhappy with the slow response time of alarm systems, we went looking for a better solution to protect our homes and families. Our mission is to help as many people as possible feel more safe at home or in the workplace. With a long history in law enforcement I understand the need for safety and security. By starting ClearSecure we hope to provide everyone with enhanced security.


Glass is one of the most prominent and dangerous materials we deal with everyday. Most of us have broken a glass cup or plate and understand how sharp and dangerous it can be even in small amounts. ClearSecure can reduce and even eliminate glass related injuries on any window or door. Glass is in every building and in our homes, We often assume glass is safe, because it has never been broken. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best by using Glass Armor.

We love to test out our products. Please visit our videos page to see our glass breaking experiments!

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ClearSecure can install Security Film around your schedule. We will try our best to minimize impact on your daily operations. We do not make noise, dust or any unnecessary cleanup. The only thing we leave are clean and clear windows.

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Our installation crews are quiet and respectful. We will work around your schedule, and create a minimal impact to daily operations. We are ninjas and pride ourselves in minimal disruption. We work in Schools, Universities and Correctional Facilities. We track our tools/materials and ensure we clean up everything each and every day.

Time is money and we want to make sure your facility operates without disruption. By using minimal power tools we are quiet, thus minimizing impact during operating hours.


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