Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does Window Film Cost?

You can expect to pay between $14 to $16 per SQ FT.


How Much Does Riot Glass Cost

Riot Glass is $25-$34 SQ FT.


How Much is UL Level 1 Ballistic Laminate?

Laminates start at $200 a SQ FT.

Does Window Film Stop Bullets?



Does Riot Glass Stop Bullets?

It can stop small caliber rounds .22 or smaller, but it is not the recommended application.


Will My Windows Still be Clear?

Yes, unless you choose a privacy product.


How Long Does It Take To Install?

Window Film 1-4 Days (4 step process) (cure time is 30-60 days)

Riot Glass 1-2 Days

Ballistic Laminates 1-2 Days


Is there a mess or noise when installing?

We keep our mess and noise to a minumum to ensure we do not disrupt daily operation.

Is a License Required to Install?

No professional license is required. Window Film, Riot Glass and Ballistic Laminates are avalable to the public and anyone can buy and install them.


Is there a Warranty?

Yes most of our products come with a 10 year warranty.