Government & Military Security solutions

Every business and organization has some degree of risk. Government and military installations are no exception.

Security Plan isn’t something that comes together in one meeting, or even in one day. Planning for the security and safety of your facility takes time, budgeting, planning, and should involve security experts in your organization.

School Districts, Justice Departments, Law Enforcement, Military bases, or Government office space.

Safety is only as effective as the network establishing it.

  • Windows

  • Glass entry doors.

  • High traffic areas with windows

  • Wire Frame glass

Industry leading fragment retention films protect against broken glass hazards, accidents, forced entry, extreme weather, seismic activity, industrial and bomb blast events (when using 7 mil thick films or greater).

For privacy concerns we offer semi-reflective one way film or flash glass (smart tint)


ClearSecure offers advanced protection both inside and outside, increasing safety and security for the entire facility.