Fragment Retention Films will reduce injuries - making facilities safer by upgrading existing glass.


Window Safety Films

Safety Glazing


Window Film and Blast Mitigation

Also known as:

Window security film

Safety film

Impact film

Fragment retention film

Anti-shatter film

Glazing film


Window Security Film

Security Window Films have been shown to deter entry for up to TWO MINUTES! All Security Films are installed using a frame attachment system. Upgrade any facility by using window film.

  • Micro-layered film designed for tear resistance.

  • Optically clear and will not change how your windows appear.

  • Adheres to interior glass surface and can be applied to both sides.

Choose between clear, shaded or 1 way mirror finish

Choose between clear, shaded or 1 way mirror finish

  • Deter Intrusion
  • Prevent Smash and Grab
  • Upgrade old glass to impact code
  • Extreme Weather and Earthquakes
  • Industrial and Bomb Blast Events
  • Reduce Flying Object Hazards
  • Accidental Release of High Pressure Steam, Gas, Oil or H2O‍
  • 3M Scotchshield Ultra S800 & 3M Safety S140
  • JWF SEC08 & JWF SEC12
  • LLumar® SCL SR PS13

Window film or fragment retention films are highly effective in increasing safety and security. By installing Window film, your glass will be safer and more secure. window film can be installed in homes, commercial buildings, retail stores, government buildings and mobile equipment. This system is designed to provide a "safety net" from dangerous broken glass and flying shards by bonding to the glass and holding it in place if it breaks.

Anchoring is recomended to be installed with window film. The anchoring is installed around the window frame and holds the glass in place, even when it's broken. This system is very effective in slowing down and stopping intrusion and/or flying glass.

  • Odorless non-corrosive curing process.
  • Cures to an extremely tough structural elastomer. This ensures a durable, flexible, watertight bond.
  • High weather resistance to ultraviolet radiation, heat and moisture.
  • Excellent un-primed adhesion to a wide range of substrates.
  • One-part, neutral-cure elastomeric sealant.

Window film is available in a variety of thickness constructions depending on the level of protection needed. Choose between undetectable clear films or several shaded solar control options if added sun protection is desired.

Products can be installed on any flat hard surface. Tempered or annealed glass, acrylic or poly-carbonate, metal, aluminum or stainless surfaces.


Security film is available in different thicknesses. Depending on the application, we will help you select the best film thickness for your needs.

Film can be used for glass safety to ensure sharp shards of glass do not pose a threat to people. The film holds the broken glass together making it much safer.

Intrusion mitigation

Provides additional protection during explosions, natural disasters and solar heat.

Reduces safety issues for fragile wire frame glass.

Thicker design helps hold glass together at higher impact situations. Gauge, MIL or thickness, is a basic descriptive property.

12 MIL Window Film (Similar material to a credit card)

Everyday tint or film is 1-2 MIL (.001 - .002 in) thickness. (Slightly thicker than a plastic shopping bag.)

Window film is a hard polymeric plastic with pressure adhesive on one side that adheres to the window. Installing Anchoring holds the Security Film to the frame creating a fragment retention system.


Attachment System and Anchoring

Window Film is installed on glass and then attached to the framing members. When the glass sustains an impact the glass is held in place by the anchoring and installed window film. Typically windows will shatter to the floor in less than a second.

Installation of window film and anchoring/attachment system will be done on 2 separate visits.

Window Film can take 30 days or more to cure after install. Anchoring can be installed 24-48 hours after film has been installed. Anchoring will be dry to the touch in as little as 12 hours and fully cured in 7-14 days.



Here at ClearSecure, we only install window films from trusted manufacturers. We are licensed, authorized dealers and installers of only the best products.




Window Films include a Scratch Resistant Hardcoat - long lasting durability, protection and clarity.

10 year comprehensive warranty

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Tint vs. Security Window Film

Experience is a must for security film installers.

Installing security film has the same basic concepts involved as regular film; soapy water, knives and squeegees – THIS IS WHERE ALL COMPARISONS STOP.

Security film is one of the most difficult and technical window films to install. Its hard plastic construction and pressure adhesive increase labor and cure-times significantly. The thicker Window Security Films require a level of know-how, patience, planning and product knowledge far beyond conventional films. Safety and security films are designed to satisfy seemingly exotic regulations and standards that the installer may not be familiar with. The labor for these installations will take considerably more time, with a greater potential for encountering obstacles.

Tint can be installed over Security Film. TINT IS NOT A SECURITY PRODUCT.

Tint = 1-2 MIL’s thick

Window Security Film = 8-24 MIL’s thick

Safety is our number one priority. If you have locks on your doors, you should have locks on your windows!

  • Our product will help augment existing CCTV and Access Control systems. If you have limited access areas, where security is paramount, you should also consider Window Film. After all, how strong are your windows?


Anything that requires professional level protection, we have you covered!‍